Best Types of uPVC Windows for your Home

Upvc windows have become the most popular choice for homeowners in Delhi, India. They are durable, efficient and also very easy to maintain. The windows come in different styles, shapes and designs which you can choose according to your needs.

Popular types of upvc windows are:

Fixed upvc windows

These are fixed at a single point and do not open or close like other types of window panes. They can be installed on either side of the opening in walls or floors that are fixed permanently in place. They are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens because they allow light into the rooms while keeping out moisture or heat from outside air.


French upvc windows

These are similar to fixed panes but they come with hinges so that they can open outward by pivoting on their lower edge. This enables them to swing outwards when opened fully so that they do not interfere with other nearby fixtures such as furniture or walls when fully open; however, only about one third of their total area is exposed at any given time so you won’t get a lot of natural light coming through unless fully open close enough together that it looks like one large window from outside looking

Sliding Upvc Windows

If you’re looking for a simple solution that will make your rooms more spacious then sliding upvc windows are the perfect choice. They allow you to maximize the amount of light into your home, but they also give you the option to keep them closed when necessary. This is particularly useful if you want to keep cold air out during winter months without having to close off all the rooms in your house completely!

Bay upvc windows

They are similar to fixed upvc windows but have a sloping top which makes them look like they have two sashes instead of one. They can sometimes be quite large and therefore provide excellent light and ventilation to rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms. Bay windows are also sometimes known as bow windows or oriel windows depending on their shape or style. 

Bay uPVC windows are quite popular when it comes to expanding area. It gives you an extra seating area especially like balcony. These designs can be easily seen in hilly areas.

The tilt and turn window

The tilt and turn window is a modern take on the traditional casement window. It allows you to open your window in four different ways: tilt, turn, slide and lock. This means that you can open your window to any angle you want, depending on how much light you want to let into your home. You can also lock your window in place if you don’t want any unwanted intruders coming in through it.

Casement Upvc Windows

Casement upvc windows are another great option for adding some style to your home. These open outward from the top or bottom of the frame and can be opened manually or motorised depending on whether or not you have limited mobility issues within your home environment. If you do have limited mobility issues then it’s worth considering tilt and turn upvc windows instead as these open outward from both sides of the frame allowing easier access than casements would otherwise provide if needed!

Top hung upvc windows

These type of upvc window has an opening at the top which allows you to open them from above rather than from below like a casement window would allow you to do so by pulling down on a handle or latch mechanism located within each frame piece itself when operating manually. Otherwise electronically controlled via remote control system operation through wireless signals sent through infrared rays emitted from handheld remotes which transmit codes directly into receivers built-in within each frame piece itself after pressing down on buttons located.

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